Best Practices in Global Research Collaboration (29-30 May, 2023)

Your organization has lofty goals and an ambitious strategic plan that aims to harness institutional resources to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. How prepared are you to help achieve these goals?

This workshop is intended as a forum where researchers and staff can share their experiences (best practices and lesson learned) about all aspects of global research collaboration. Specifically, we are focused on building organizational capacity, supporting researchers/faculty, securing funding, forging and managing international partnerships, building interdisciplinary teams, and managing compliance. We will also discuss opportunities and challenges related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Understanding these issues and hearing from others as they share best practices and lessons learned will better prepare you to tackle the very biggest challenges and take your organization to new heights!

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Who Should Attend?

  • University, government and NGO staff
  • Staff responsible for international research
  • Staff responsible for international partnerships
  • Researchers and staff leading international projects
  • Researchers and staff involved in international projects
  • Researchers and staff who want to tackle global challenges

Benefits of Attending

  • Better prepare your organization for international projects
  • Provide better support for researchers/faculty
  • Prepare successful grant proposals for international projects
  • Forge international partnerships more easily
  • Provide an effective structure to support interdisciplinary teams
  • Better manage compliance for international initiatives

Best Practices in Global Research Collaboration

29-30 May, 2023, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada